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1.Product: Fuel tanks for car and motorcycle






     Auto emulated seam welder - for fuel tank boxing weld.   (single-phase AC)

                                                     Auto emulated seam welder - for fuel tank boxing weld.                               


    (DC Inverter type with auto unloading sysytem)




 Seam welder - for truck fuel tank / water cap weld




               Seam welder - for motocycle fuel tank 


3. Characteristic :

+ All series of our machines are designed with “Quick Mould Change” unit, that will save much time during the period of mould switch.

+ The welding current controller adopted by micro processor is excellent and powerful for improving the performance of welding machine.

+ The silver contact conduction is manipulated to the copper base of seam welding machine, and that makes the machine more steady and excellent while being at 3 shifts.

+ Both the upper and lower electrodes are operated synchronously, and the adjusting mechanism for the welding electrode is also the guarantee of our quality indeed.

+ After being training a little while, the operator can manipulate the machines smoothly as required. 



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