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   Welcome to TIT welding

On behalf of all staff members in TAN ICH THANH HA NOI Trading - Services Company Limited would like to send respectful wishes to customers, willingness to cooperate and wishes to develop.

TIT Company is an exclusive agency in Vietnam providing all kinds of Welding machines, high frequency - medium frequency induction machines and welding electrode Haothing Taiwan. Our company provides customers worldwide with the best welding machines in service industries. Besides that our welding technology provides a valuable support in the production of automotive components and the world's most prestigious motorcycles enable cars and motorcycles to ride safely on all the roads worldwide. With us, the customers do not only get the right products to meet the intended use, but also access to Taiwanese professionals who provide consulting in order to optimize the processes.

With the efforts of each member of the company, the support of our client’s reputation and a good cooperation of our customers, we have contributed to the success of our customers worldwide, which reconfirmed TIT’s position as a supplier of advanced technology and reliable products in the global scope.

Please call us when you enquiries concerning our products. We will be happy to give advice and direct quotes and highly competitive conditions as quickly as possible, make sure to meet the needs of customers

Once again, we are pleased to send you best wishes for your health, the development of your business and we would be honored to cooperate with your company!



Office: DG 10 - 31 Dau Gia Kien Hung Zone, Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
Tel: (024) 37894385 * Fax: (024) 37894385 * Email: tanichthanhhanoi@gmail.com  - tanichthanh@gmail.com

Website: www.tanichthanh.com.vn